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The Goop guide to Dublin

Our social media feeds were abuzz this week with news that Gywneth Paltrow's lifestyle website Goop had compiled a Dublin eating guide, featuring loads of our favourite restaurants. Put together by Goop editor and Dublin native Rachel McKeon, twenty-two eateries were included, from cafés to Michelin star.

New opening Glovers Alley made the list despite being open less than two months, as did fellow fine dining companions Chapter One, L'Ecrivain and One Pico.

In the 'slightly more casual but with the coolness dialled up a notch' category, Etto, Bastible, Mr. Fox, Coppinger Row and Pickle were all mentioned.

For cafés, The Fumbally, Bibi's, Brother Hubbard, Fia, Hatch and Sons, Salt and Two Boys Brew - the solo inclusion for Dublin's Northside - all made the list.

Guess we'll know where to find Gywnnie the next time she's in town. Check out the Goop Dublin eating guide here.

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