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Clanbrassil Coffee Shop opens today

There's been excited talk of a small café from the guys behind Bastible and Clanbrassil House for months, and this morning Clanbrassil Coffee Shop finally opens for business. With items like their homemade sausage roll with homemade brown sauce, Cheese Palmiers and Paris Brests on the menu we're pretty confident this is going to be a busy spot. It's also the first time we've seen a Paris Brest on a Dublin menu, and how good does it look...

Zia Burke, ex-Clanbrassil House, is in charge, and has spent the last few months putting together a short but very appealing menu with some twists on normal coffee shop fare - like a meatball sandwich with spiced lamb, sauerkraut, yoghurt, and walnut and rocket pesto, and a Kimchi Cheese toastie. We're also loving the fact that they've done away with the complicated coffee menu, and have two options - coffee, or coffee with milk. Reports from a mini soft launch last week is that the coffee is good.

Clanbrassil Coffee Shop will open from 7:30 - 15:30 from Monday to Friday to start with, but hope to extend to weekends soon. Just get there early if you want that Paris Brest.

Clanbrassil Coffee Shop

Mon - Fri: 7:30 - 15:30

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