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Learn to cook with The Fumbally's chef

Can't cook? In this media-filled age with millions of recipes at your fingertips, there is really no excuse for not being able to master the most basic kitchen skills - proper scrambled eggs, homemade pasta sauce and crispy roast chicken spring to mind - but if these continue to elude you, The Fumbally Café can sort you out.

The Fumbally Home Cooking course starts on Monday April 16th from 18:30 - 20:30, and runs for six weeks at the same time. The first course ran in January of this year, and feedback was so good that they immediately scheduled the second one.

Fumbally chef Aoife Allen will teach the course in the Fumbally Stables kitchen, focusing on sustainable, healthy, and delicious dishes, and lucky participants will learn some of her favourite vegetarian recipes, how to make meat go further, and getting creative with leftovers. Participants will also learn about some brilliant Irish ingredients, how to make sauces and condiments from scratch, and an introduction to fermentation.

The course costs €300 for six weeks, and includes a two course meal at the end of each class, which will be prepared in groups of two. You'll also get a sauerkraut or kimchi to take home from the fermentation class. If you're really struggling to get to grips with this basic life skill, or just want to jazz up your kitchen skills from a pro, we think this will be money well spent.

You can book a place on the Fumbally Home Cooking course here, but bear in mind there are only 10 places available so if you're interested be quick.

The Fumbally Home Cooking Course

Where: The Fumbally Stables, Fumbally Lane, Dublin 8

When: Starts Monday April 16th,18:30 - 20:30

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