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Etto & Michael's the big winners at Restaurant Awards

In case you took a hiatus from social media last night, you missed a lot of buzz from this year's Irish Restaurant Awards. Organised by the Restaurants Association of Ireland, it's a fairly drawn out process, involving provincial awards ceremonies in the months beforehand, with Dublin and overall national winners (out of each of the provincial winners) announced on the main night.

The big winner last night was Etto, who took home Restaurant of the Year for both Dublin and Ireland, Dublin Chef of the Year for Barry Sun Jian, and Best Customer Service in Dublin. All completely deserved if you ask us (you can read our Etto Once Over here). We're eagerly awaiting their new restaurant Uno Mas, due to open later this year, and would put a sizeable sum of money on that bagging next year's "Best Newcomer" award.

The other big winners were Michael's in Mount Merrion, who took home Best Newcomer, Best Kids Size Me, and Best Restaurant Manager for Talha Pasha. Chef Gareth Smith took over neighbourhood Italian Michael's just over a year ago and quickly turned it into a seafood destination, with diners travelling from near and far to eat fish that's often been caught just hours before. They've also been gaining press for their efforts to get children eating more fish.

Best World Cuisine, for Dublin and Ireland, went to Nightmarket in Ranelagh, and Best Emerging Irish Cuisine, again for Dublin and Ireland, went to Craft in Harold's Cross.