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Andy McFadden launches Glovers Alley Kitchen Experience

Glovers Alley, Andy McFadden's fine dining restaurant in The Fitzwilliam Hotel, have announced that from July, they're opening up their kitchen on the first Friday of the month for an interactive cooking and eating experience.

Costing €145 per person, it involves three hours in the kitchen with Andy and his team, a four-course lunch with Champagne and wine pairings, and a goodie bag to take home, including bread made that morning. The regular three-course lunch is €45, and the six-course €60, both without wine, so we think this sounds like pretty decent value if you want a more immersive experience alongside your food.

During the three hours in the kitchen, participants will bake bread, learn techniques for butchering meat, preparing fish and making desserts, and will try dishes made by the kitchen team throughout the morning.

Lunch starts at 12pm with Champagne, followed by four courses with wine pairings. You'll also get all the usual extras - bread, snacks, and a pre-dessert.

The full experience is limited to four people per session, but you can bring a guest for the lunch part for €95. To book, contact Glovers Alley on 01 2440733 or email

Glovers Alley

The Fitzwilliam Hotel

St Stephen's Green

Dublin 2

Ph: 01 2440733

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