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5 Things We Want to Eat This Week

Yes we're all a bit anxious that the sun's still shining. The grass looks like hay, we've had to hide the hosepipes and the washing machine's been on nonstop cycles because a) we don't have enough clothes for this heat and b) it's great drying weather. On the positive side, it's a perfect time to go out to eat and pretend you're on holidays, so with that in mind here are five things we want to eat this week that have summer written all over them.

1. Honey Honey's overnight oats

What we want in this heat is a good cold breakfast, and these overnight oats with chia seeds, apple, coconut, almonds and raspberries followed by a long walk on Portmarnock beach sounds like a perfect start to the day - or even better, grab them to go and eat them on the beach.

2. Gazpacho at Urbanity Coffee

Irish people aren't really used to the idea of cold soup, but this could be the summer we make gazpacho happen. This herby version from Urbanity Coffee made using vegetables from McNally farm in North Dublin looks like the perfect introduction.

3. The ultimate summer salad from The Woollen Mills

This salad of grilled peach, Kearney blue cheese, roasted hazelnuts, pickled red onion and baby gem lettuce looks like an inspired combination.

4. Grilled Octopus at Osteria Lucio

Quite literally haven't stopped thinking about this since it popped into our feed. Daily day-dreaming about sitting on the terrace outside Osteria Lucio with a cold glass of white wine and this grilled octopus with artichoke, farro, olives and herbs.

5. This perfectly seasonal dessert from One Pico

Pistachio financier, white chocolate namelaka (like a firm ganache), raspberry sorbet and fresh raspberries. We feel cooler already.

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