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5 Things We Want to Eat This Week

We're all about the breakfasts this week, with pastries, breakfast sandwiches and nice looking things on toast practically jumping off our timelines. Here are five of the best looking breakfasts in town right now.

1. Yellow courgette, St Tola Goat's Cheese and Lemon Thyme Danish from Scéal Bakery

In conversations about where to find the best pastries in Dublin, Scéal comes up over and over again, and this savoury danish with McNally Farm yellow courgettes, St Tola goat's cheese and lemon thyme looks perfectly seasonal and totally delicious. Find Scéal at the Stoneybatter Farmers Market every Saturday.

2. The New BuJo Breakfast Sandwich

Just when we thought BuJo couldn't get any better, they've gone and introduced a breakfast sandwich at weekends. With a toasted brioche bun from Coghlan's bakery, a Ballygarvey free-range egg, Oliver Carty's Beechwood smoked bacon, a Hampshire rare breed sausage patty, molten cheese and a choice of three sauces, we never want to hear the words "egg mcmuffin" again. They're also serving freshly squeezed orange juice and 3fe coffee. So now it's never too early for a BuJo. Only available Saturday and Sunday from 10am - 12pm.

3. The Fat Fox

Maybe more of a brunch (but you can eat whatever you want whenever you want it), this mushroom toastie with grilled cheese, chilli aioli and spinach from The Fat Fox has enough vegetable goodness to set you up nicely for the day. Plus, look at that cheese.

4. Mushrooms on toast from Two Boys Brew

More mushrooms from Two Boys Brew, this time herby ones on sourdough toast with pea & garlic puree, a free range soft poached egg, shaved parmesan, pickled red onion, crushed hazelnuts and crème fraiche. Outstanding breakfast game.

5. This health-giving vegan cupcake from Kaph

Sometimes cake is all that will do for breakfast, but instead of one of an innately unhealthy, sugar and flour packed one that will leave you starving an hour later, we'd be heading to Kaph for this vegan cardamon and almond cupcake, with a sour cherry jam filling, topped with coconut cream. They're from Wild Sage Bakery and we'd have high hopes that they taste as good as they look.

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