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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

Instagram has been filling our timelines with toasties lately, and things culminated this week with the "black and blue" - best name ever - from newly-opened Daniel on Clanbrassil Street. The unwelcome drop in temperature has us craving cheese and bread again (let's pretend we ever stopped), so here are five toasties we want to eat in Dublin this week.

1. The “Black and Blue" from Daniel

Hilary O’Hagan Brennan, 3fe's Executive Chef, had the brainwave of using Christmas leftovers to make a toastie with black pudding, blue cheese and onion marmalade, and it was so good that she's put it on the tiny menu at Daniel. We've had it, and we want it again.

2. The Kimchi Cheese Toastie from Clanbrassil Coffee Shop

This staple on the Clanbrassil Coffee Shop menu is filled with homemade kimchi (which has no fish sauce so is vegetarian), Crozier Blue and Hegarty’s cheddar. Perfect for meat-free Mondays.

3. The Provolone, Salsa Verde and Marinated Courgette Toastie in Two Pups

The food at Two Pups has always been a favourite of ours and we’ve been craving this beautiful looking combination ever since it popped up on our feed.

4. Grilled Cheese Toastie with Derg cheddar, Coolea, Gouda and Scallions at Loose Canon

When a natural wine and cheese shop starts making cheese toasties you know they're going to be good. This glorious looking three cheese combo even has some scallions thrown in so you can justify it as one of your five a day. Just take our money already.

5. The Salt Beef on Rye from The Fat Fox

There are few places in the city with stronger sandwich (and Insta) game than The Fat Fox, and we couldn't leave this week's salt beef on rye out of the ultimate toastie line up. Coleman's aioli pickle, gherkins, cheddar cheese and salt beef on toasted rye bread. Mega droolz.

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