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Where to Eat in Dublin on Monday Night

For those who work in the hospitality industry (or any others that don't shut down at the weekend), Monday is essentially their weekend, and after an actual weekend of working day and night, a lot of restaurants close on Monday to give their staff a break. For those with that night off, it’s easy to be stuck for somewhere to eat, so here's our guide to where to eat on Mondays, whether you're in need of sustenance on your day off or are just looking for an early week excursion.

1. The Seafood Café

Niall Sabongi’s Temple Bar restaurant is a welcome respite from trad music and pricey pints in the capital’s tourist trap. Reasonably priced with a menu suited for sharing, it’s a friendly, laid-back place to enjoy fresh seafood.


2. Pi

It’s no secret that we think Reggie White's Neapolitan style pizzas are the best in Dublin (see here). The classic margarita and zuccha are our favourites, and the salty-sweet desserts are as perfect as the pizzas.


3. Fish Shop, Benburb Street

Fish Shop's Benburb location is an easy spot for a seafood dinner and a glass of wine. The menu is short, simple and changes frequently, but the fish and chips and fish burger are always on. Interesting, natural wine list with one of the city's best selection of sherries.


4. 777

If you’re looking for a more lively night out, 777 always comes with a buzz. The 2 margaritas for €14 on Mondays can be dangerous, but there are plenty of tacos, tostadas and tortilla chips to soak them up.


5. Loose Canon Cheese and Wine

The newly opened natural wine and cheese shop is the place of the moment, and Monday openings to cater to the trade were a part of the plan from the start. It's rare to find it not completely jammed, and being in the tiny shop feels like having wine at a friend's house. Perfect if you’re not looking for a full meal, they make charcuterie and cheese plates up from what's in the fridge that day, and also do daily changing small plates, like Toonsbridge mozzarella with fermented strawberry salt.