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5 Things We Want To Eat in Dublin This Week

With news that the VAT on the hospitality industry is rising by 50% in January, from the current 9% to 13.5%, it’s safe to say that we’re all feeling a bit defeated. Restaurants will inevitably have to raise menu prices in order to stay afloat and we’ll all be a little out of pocket when it comes into regulation. Until then, in order to support the industry and make ourselves feel better we should eat! Maybe we could all just go into food-induced hibernation until the government comes to its senses and lowers the VAT again? So on that note, here's some comfort food...

1. The Lobstar Burger

This surf n’ turf style burger from Lobstar includes poached lobster and dexter beef, with 'plum tomato textures' and crispy fries, and these guys know what they’re doing. Not sure what's more comforting, a juicy burger or a pile of lobster, which is why you should have both, at the same time.

2. Seared King Scallops and West Cork Mussels with Herb Lime Butter at Michael's

Michael's in Mount Merrion is the unofficial kingdom of comfort food - possibly to do with the amount of butter that's delivered to the kitchen each week. A picture of these scallops and mussels on toast drenched in herby lime butter says more about this fact than we ever could.

3. Beans on Toast at Five Points

Beans on toast, the childhood comfort food we all fall back on when times are hard, but the chefs at Five Points are taking it to a new level this week with Whole Hoggs sobrasada, cannellini and butter beans, poached eggs and herb yoghurt on sourdough. Everything's going to be okay.

4. The Truffle Brie from Fallon & Byrne

There’s nothing like the welcoming sight of a cheese counter, but this brie sandwiched with creme fraiche and black truffle from Fallon & Byrne is the only think we've got eyes for right now.

This is BAD but like, in the best possible way. The apple and blackberry compote is at least one of your five-a-day, justifying the dollop of whipped cream cheese and candied walnuts. Undoubtedly a mood-elevator.