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Where to Find the Best Mince Pies in Dublin

Not all mince pies are created equal, so it's time to ditch the sad store bought ones that your aunt insists on feeding you - let’s face it, no amount of tea can make them taste any better. Here’s our pick of where to get the best homemade mince pies in Dublin.

The Cupcake Bloke

The Bakery by The Cupcake Bloke in Rialto has an entire ‘Mince Pie Bar’ running through December, with 7 different kinds of mince pies to gorge on. The pies on the bar include a Christmas pasteis de nata, mince pie brownies and mince pie cake pops. Needless to say, we've very jealous of anyone who lives in close proximity to the bakery.

Bread 41

The roaring fire of the pizza oven in Bread 41 is enough to get Nat King Cole's ‘The Christmas Song’ stuck in your head for the foreseeable future. Throw in mince pies and it's a done deal. Eoin Cluskey uses his grandmother’s recipe, where the secret ingredient is Guinness - not so secret then.

Two Boys Brew

One of the best mince pies found on the North Side. These bad boys fly out the door and are from another grandmother’s recipe (grannies really are the queens of mince pies). You can also order a box of them to take home from December 19th.

Five Points

Five Points in Harold’s Cross have taken an inventive approach this year by topping their mince pies with meringue, making them look like something out of a snowy Christmas scene.

Love Supreme

Love Supreme’s savoury pies and sausage rolls always hit the spot and their take on the boozy festive pastry is no different. They’re serving their “Xmas spice fruit crumble” mince pies all month.

Sceal Bakery

These flaky pastry mince pies can be found at the Christmas Flea this weekend and are worth elbowing Christmas shoppers out of the way for. Keep your eyes on the prize...or, better yet, the pies.