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Where to eat when Shopping in the Sales

*Disclaimer: We've already published this under where to eat when Christmas shopping, but let's face it, you'll be in the exact same areas, and these are some of the best places to eat in those areas.

Shopping is hard. Shopping for a variety of people in a short amount of time with a limited budget (see: Dublin rent) is even harder. Well, we’re not here to give you tips on how to master the art of finding every present in one day, but what we can do is provide you with a list of pit stops for your shopping days in the big smoke. With this in mind, everything here is close to the main shopping areas to reduce any additional walking trips with heavy shopping bags.

For Breakfast

Brother Hubbard North

With the expansion to their Northside cafe came their artisan food shop, in the original seating area. This is really a two birds with one stone scenario: get some brunch and then nip over to their shop to stock up on presents for your loved ones (or really, just for yourself). They also have mulled wine, winter tonics and Christmas spiced hot chocolate.

Laine, My Love

Laine, My Love on Talbot Street is handy if you’re getting the DART into Connolly and physically can’t make it any further without a coffee hit straight away. It also helps that the coffee is good. You might be tempted by their cashew nut butter and blackberry jam toastie as well.


With two locations in town, Abbey Street and Dawson Street, Tang is great to hop into for a coffee and some food. It gets pretty packed during lunchtime in both spots. It’s best to go in the morning to grab a seat before you venture out into the scary paths of Grafton Street or Henry Street. They also serve brunch at both locations on Saturdays.

The Pepperpot If your parent decides to tag along for some Christmas shopping, take them here. The people-watching and the tea will distract them from the extortionate Dublin prices and “fancy luas transportation”. Also Bewley’s is more likely to hold the entire population of Leinster within its walls during December, so this might be a better bet if you’re in the Grafton Street area.

For Lunch

Kimchi Hophouse It’s getting to a point now where if you haven’t been to the “Hophouse”, do you really know Dublin? If you do make it to the half-pub, half-Korean restaurant on Parnell Street, we would recommend the bibimbap and kimchi pancakes.

Another place where you can go for sustenance on your shopping quest and find some presents. Caution: this may cause distraction and deviation from the plan...what was the plan again?

The Woollen Mills The Woollen Mills is running a Christmas lunch menu with items like whiskey and marmalade glazed sticky bacon ribs, black pudding boxty and mince pie ice-cream. Something to look forward to after braving the crowds in the Jervis Centre.

Loose Canon

Loose Canon do some mean toasties during the day, featuring a glut of Irish farmhouse cheeses. They also sell retail cheese, charcuterie and wine, just in case you want to forsake your gift buying plans for others and focus on treating yourself. Each hour you spend Christmas shopping, a part of your soul withers. The only way to revive it is with warm, melting cheese and alcohol.

Overends Kitchen

For those brave enough to venture to Dundrum Town Centre (*shudders*) for their Christmas shopping, do yourself a favour and go for a peaceful lunch at the cafe in Airfield Estate.


Uno Mas

The new cool kid on the block. The recently opened restaurant from the Etto family is already topping our list of favourite restaurants. Sit at the bar, or better yet the alcove. It might be hard to grab a seat here but trust us, it’s worth it.

Pi This is our favourite place to get pizza in the city. Plus if you have a loved one in tow who isn’t really feeling the shopping vibe and won’t sit in the designated chair in the shop, give them the gift of Pi pizza to cheer them up.


Pichet is one of the most consistent restaurants in town, service is inviting and the food is delicious. Probably one of the nicest ways to end a Christmas shopping day.

The Seafood Cafe

A more casual place to go but definitely not lacking in quality, Niall Sabongi’s Seafood Cafe is a welcoming spot after a day of trekking around town. They also do ‘Build your own Mary’s’ during brunch on Sundays. Just saying.

This newly opened Izakaya just down from Stephen's Green shopping centre is like a dimly-lit haven in the middle of the city centre. The ramen is very good, and they do a killer lunch bento box for €10.

Luna One of our favourite restaurants in Dublin at the moment and it seems to be getting better and better. Let Luna be the light at the end of a weary day of bag handling and extra-exhausting thoughtfulness.


We understand you’re tired. You picked up too many bags and the next shop seems so far away. Hanger is setting in. Your phone being on 5% doesn’t help anything. But there is some soft, pillowy bao at Chameleon in Temple Bar that might help soothe you.

Hang Dai A little more upbeat in terms of dining rooms (or train carriages in Hang Dai’s case), it’s definitely somewhere to get excited about party season. And if there’s ever a time to get involved with their wood fired Skeaghanore duck, it’s Christmas.

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