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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

It’s safe now guys, you can leave the house, the tourists are gone. The green sea that was Dublin over the bank holiday has returned to well, the usual scenic delight, with extra rubbish around the place. How’s the head? How’s the bank account? It’s okay, we don’t want to talk about it either. Let us distract you from being back at work with five things we want to eat in Dublin this week.

1. Granola from Alma

Alma’s chocolate granola is topped with greek yogurt, coconut shavings, dark chocolate, housemade lemon curd, mint and seasonal fruit. Okay yes, this is basically dessert for breakfast but look, it's already a short week and we're suffering from multiple hangovers.

2. Taleggio Toastie from Clanbrassil Coffee Shop

Clanbrassil Coffee Shop does a mean toastie, and this one with taleggio, butternut squash and pickled shiitake mushrooms ticks all the carb and cheese boxes (and vegetables, we guess).

3. French Toast from Brother Hubbard North

Brother Hubbard North has just put this ridiculously looking brioche french toast on their menu, with chocolate truffle, date caramel, white chocolate and tahini drizzle, toasted sesame and housemade honeycomb. You can feel a food coma coming on just by looking at it, which is just what you need for rest and repair after the bank holiday boozing.

4. Brioche Feuilletée from The Greenhouse

Brioche feuilletée is laminated brioche to us civilians, and these guys from The Greenhouse are filled with niçoise olives and anchovy. We’ll take seven.

5. White Pudding Scotch Egg from The Old Spot

It’s never not a good time for a scotch egg, especially one made with white pudding and bacon, served with caper dressing and housemade brown sauce at The Old Spot. A major faux pas in Dublin restaurants these days seems to be not making your own brown sauce, so we doubly approve.

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