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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

On a hot day, people in Dublin flock to the canal like it’s a beacon of light, cans poised, packing the banks more than the 08:45 Luas into town. Aaaand now it’s raining and everyone is inside, stockpiling cans after getting a thirst for them - thus the circle of spring weather in Dublin is in full swing. Are we emotionally or financially ready to pay €4 for iced coffee? No. Will that stop us? No. Maybe. Probably not. The good/bad news is this week looks like rain, so you should probably stay inside as much as possible. Here are five ways to seek shelter until the sun comes out again and we're all sunbathing in 15°C.

1) Sobrasada on Challah at Meet Me in the Morning

Let’s face it, sometimes brunch gets a bit tired. Once in a while though, a brunch plate will enrapture you during your endless Saturday morning Instagram scroll, making you rally the troops, clad in your finest dark sunglasses and canvas tote bags, and together, do the hungover hobble in search of it. This sobrasada on challah toast from Meet Me in The Morning is one of those dishes. It’s made with Gubbeen sobrasada (spreadable chorizo), Gubbeen cheese bechamel, a poached egg, sunchoke chips and pickled radish. The people of Ireland are eternally grateful for Fingal Ferguson of Gubbeen and all he has done for brunch menus.

2) The Squid Ink Linguine at Etto

When in doubt, go to Etto. The meaning of life is probably Etto, and with it comes this plate of squid ink linguine with cockles, chilli, garlic and preserved lemon. All the vongole vibes.

3) Snacks at Bastible

Hear us out here - snacks are one of the most exciting parts of a meal out. Picture the scene, you spent more than ten minutes getting dressed up for a meal, you sit down, you’re giddy, you’re about to eat a lot of good food and they bring you these small bites of really good food. You’re getting excited about these snacks AND the forthcoming dishes all at once. Now think about Coolea and spring onion churros, crab and celeriac tacos with kraut and capers, plus BBQ chicken thighs with preserved lemon and honey. Excitement overload.

4) The Cupcake Bloke's Jambons

The food queen of Galway, Jess Murphy recently lauded The Cupcake Bloke’s jambons as the best she’s ever tasted and there has been a jambon shaped hole in our stomachs ever since.This week’s jambons (only available on Saturdays) were topped with black pudding sausage, bacon, thyme, Durrus Óg and scallions. Sweet flaky Jesus.

5) Gambas and Padrón Peppers from Host

Unlike every Irish person saying last week, “Jaysus, isn’t it like we’re in Spain”, this dish actually would remind you of Spain and not Dublin’s capricious weather. Get involved.

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