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Where to Eat in Ranelagh and Rathmines

We get a lot of last minute area requests, about where the best places to eat are in a given neighbourhood or town, and let's face it, there's nothing more panic-inducing than being stuck somewhere and not knowing where to eat. What if you're dragged somewhere rubbish because you didn't have a better suggestion!? Well you can file this one away for the next time you find yourself in Rathmines or Ranelagh and need a bite to eat or to quench your thirst.


First of all start off your #humblebrag Instagram day out by going to the Pot Bellied Pig for brunch and Millennial Pink hues. If you’re not as pork inclined, go a bit further to Fia in Rathgar (okay yes it’s technically outside Rathmines but it’s definitely worth the mention) where the menu is all about provenance and seasonal food. It gets pretty packed in here on the weekend so be prepared to wait for a table.

If you're really hungover head to Dillinger's for some serious soakage in the form of brunch nachos, huevos rancheros or fried chicken and waffles, and all the Bloody Marys you can shake a pack of nurofen at.


If you’re in Rathmines, go grab a coffee in Two Fifty Square where they roast their own coffee beans in the building. If you find yourself in Ranelagh in need of a caffeine hit, go to their sister coffee shop, Project Black.

Alternatively go to Nick’s for coffee, queue up at the kiosk, sit in the sun, pet a few doggos, forget everything you have to do that the day, panic, pet some more doggos...


Depending on hunger levels, you could get a falafel sandwich for lunch from Umi in Rathmines, or just go all out and order the entire mezze menu, we won’t judge. If you’re feeling more carnivorous, you can always go for a burger in Bunsen in Ranelagh where consistency is a given, or another option is Farmer Brown's in Rathmines. They name their burgers afters tractors, making the culchies feel at home and the Dubs feel like they're experiencing the country.

Things To Do

Go to the Stella Theatre. You’ve got to hand it to Press Up, they make a good cinema. It’s a pricey experience but at the same time, you can get a carafe of wine and watch the movie on a bed. Peak bourgeois Dublin.

Go for a browse in the Oriental Emporium, the Asian Market in Rathmines, or if you’re in Ranelagh, browse around speciality food shop Mortons on Dunville Avenue.

Or you could go to the Swan Centre in Rathmines, which can be quite misleading. Not much to look at on the outside, but step inside and you will find your paycheck instantly evaporating on groceries from The Hopsack (supporting local business though ✓), buying your body weight in Irish Farmhouse cheese from the Sheridan’s cheese counter in Dunnes, and the rest will be taken care of during a stroll around Fallon and Byrne.


Be prepared to book a table a few weeks in advance to go for dinner in Host but it’s fast becoming a big player on the Dublin food scene. Read our Host once over here.

Our other top choice for Ranelagh is Nightmarket, who are constantly winning awards for their authentic, flavour-packed food, showing Dubliners that there's more to Thai cuisine than green curries and chicken satay.

Rita’s opened in Ranelagh in December and almost immediately became a contender in Dublin’s ever growing greatest pizza list. Otherwise if you want more of the full Italian experience, get yourself to Manifesto in Rathmines for award-winning pizza, homemade pasta and one of the most extensive and impressive Italian wine lists in the city - be warned, you could get lost in this one.

If you're after something a bit more casual, head back to TwoFifty Square for Nick Reynolds' Friday and Saturday night Caribbean pop up, Lil Portie, for plantain nachos and jerk basted pork ribs, all washed down with some craft beer.


Blackbird in Rathmines is great for when you’re 100%...maybe 99.9%...almost certain that you’re only staying for one drink but then accidentally stay the whole evening playing jenga.

Seeing the interior of The Bowery in Rathmines is probably reason enough to go for a drink there - we're talking hardcore nautical themed - and there's often the added bonus of live music.

Alternatively if you find yourself in Ranelagh, go for a glass of wine in The Exchequer or to The Taphouse for a craft beer from their mammoth, ever-changing list. So many options.

Did we miss any of our favourite Ranelagh/Rathmines spots? Let us know -

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