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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

Things have been looking a bit bleak on the front lines of the industry this week. With the news of restaurants closing and beer gardens in danger it’s hard to know how many will survive the summer. But there’s hope to be the found with the return of the Flea Market and everyone spicing up their lives at the weekend, ensuring that the city will be haunted by bits of glitter forever. Whatever happens life must go on, and food must be eaten, and this is what's making us hungry this week.

1. The KimCheese Burger from Chimac

The new Korean fried chicken restaurant opens on Aungier Street this Friday, and it’s safe to say we have the arrival of their KimCheese burger with ssamjang & cheddar cheese sauce, spring onion kimchi and gochujang mayo engraved onto our calendar. Read more about Chimac here.

2. The Pizza Special from Cirillo’s

Any weather is pizza weather, and Cirillo’s pizza special with marinated tuna, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and grilled aubergine has us intrigued.

3. The Summer Salad from The Old Spot

This simple salad from The Old Spot with heirloom tomatoes, burrata, wild garlic crisps and leaves is pretty much our ideal supper for the rest of the summer.

4. Amritsari Fish from Pickle

Pickle have been working on bringing back lost recipes from north Indian cuisines, and the latest is Amritsari fish. Fried John Dory is spiced with chilli and lime and served with raita, crab chutney and carrot pickle. History on a plate.

5. This Riff on a Brunch from The Cliff Townhouse

It’s turning into ice cream weather and we’re definitely seeing a theme with nostalgic desserts going into the summer. The Cliff Townhouse have joined the pack with their interpretation of a brunch ice-cream, and we need it in our lives.

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