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Ramona Hits Dublin

It's the organic Italian wine cooler that's become a cult drink in New York and London and counts Kayne West, Rihanna and DJ Khaled amongst its fans, and last week Ramona arrived in Dublin. Created by US sommelier Jordan Salcito, Ramona is described as "the organic, Italian wine spritz that doesn't need a glass, a bottle opener or an occasion to drink it", and has been a surprise hit amongst wine circles since it launched in 2016.

Made from muscat grapes from Sicily and flavoured with natural ruby grapefruit juice and grape must, it's a little bit sweet and a little bit bitter - a bit like Lilt for grownups - and at 7% alcohol it's what we'd call "sessionable". Creator Salcito never liked beer so wine coolers ended up being her entry level into drinking wine, and a few years ago she decided she wanted to bring them back, but cooler.

Ramona's been a surprise hit, particularly as wine in a can doesn't conjure up the most positive images, but its fans range from celebrities to winemakers in Burgundy, and it's been featured everywhere from Eater, to Forbes, to Vogue, and more recently in The Irish Times.

Ramona is available to drink now in 777, First Draft, Isabelle's, The Devlin, Gertrude, Coppinger Row, The Tap House and Jam Park. You can buy it to take home at First Draft, Deveney's in Dundrum, The Coach House, Redmonds and Dollard & Co. You'll also find it at Eatyard's Cheese and Wine Festival in the Iveagh Gardens in August.

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