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Where To Drink Cold Coffee

Even if it’s not sunny, which it won’t be for the majority of the summer, it is perfectly acceptable to consume iced drinks throughout June, July, August and that weird heatwave in September. Saying that, cold coffees in the city can come at a hefty price tag, some are definitely worth it and well, some are just bad coffee with ice in it. So here’s a list of our favourite places to get quality cold drinks in Dublin...

Brother Hubbard

Brother Hubbard serves classic iced coffee for those who want a no-fuss-I’m-too-hot-just-give-me-cold-caffeine. Try and nab a seat in their outdoor area for all the more reason to drink iced coffees, as it’ll probably be a balmy 16 degrees when you start to overheat.

Vice Coffee Inc

Vice Coffee’s Vietnamese iced coffee can fix any ailment. Yes it’s indulgent and yes, it’s perfect. If you haven’t tried condensed milk coffee, you’re missing out and need to fix that before everyone judges you mid-summer.

Meet Me in The Morning

Kind of like an evolved version of vietnamese iced coffee, the MMIM/Reference Coffee gang add some dulce de leche, caramelised condensed milk to their iced lattes. For when you’re feeling extra bougie and suffering from heatstroke and exhaustion.

Clement And Pekoe

Clement and Pekoe’s outdoor bench is a fave people-watching spot of ours, if there’s any space. It’s also shaded so your lobster tinged skin can relax. They’ll put ice into any drink and you can now grab one from their new location on Blessington Street. You never really have to travel far for an iced coffee in Dublin, which is great because we’d all pass out otherwise.

Proper Order's Chocolate Milk

Yes this isn’t coffee, go on Twitter to complain about it. What it is, is the vastly improved chocolate milk of your childhood. Proper Order take chocolate ganache, top it with milk and shake it over ice, and they can even make it vegan if you ask.


Nothing says summer like Irish Rail pumping up the heating on their trains, so when you do finally emerge from the sweltering station mid-summer, trudge on over for cold coffee from Groundstate, because you made it this far, you deserve it.

Happy Out

Happy Out is a pretty dreamy spot to get an iced coffee after a long walk up to Bull Island, where it kind of feels like the participation medal after crossing the finish line. Find shade and shelter here while you rehydrate on coffee.

Espresso and Tonic from Indigo and Cloth

For something completely different, ditch the milk and try an espresso and tonic at Indigo and Cloth in Temple Bar. It's all the rage on the continent.

The Affogato from Two Pups

Think of it as a marriage between your childhood 99's and your adult craving for caffeine. Two Pups serve espresso over soft serve and it’s another one on the bucket list you need to try before word gets out and insanity ensues.

Did we miss your favourite iced coffee? Let us know by emailing

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