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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

We're seeing an abundance of stuffed foods on the Insta this week, and let's face it. What's better than taking a food that you love (say for instance an artichoke) and stuffing it with another food that you love (like cheese - see below). Here are the ones we most want to stuff in our faces.

1) The Sushi Burrito From Take A Veg

Forget the terrible name. This has nothing to do with a burrito. It's just an enormous, vegan sushi roll that we need in our lives. Take A Veg have a very dedicated vegan following and we could possibly be converted (maybe for a portion of the week) by this creation with grilled tempeh, Pad Thai sauce, spring onions, sriracha, carrots and Teriyaki dipping sauce. Available in deep-fried or fresh - there's only one right answer.

2) The Batata From Shouk

We can't get enough of Shouk (and neither can a lot of other people as it's permanently packed) and their new loaded batata stuffed with lamb and beef on a labneh and sumac sauce has given us another reason to plan ahead to eat there.

3) The Ricotta-Stuffed Artichoke From Osteria Lucio

Love artichokes. Love cheese. Love artichokes stuffed with cheese. Especially when it's ricotta and there's also has some Gubbeen guanciale hiding in there. Osteria Lucio have set the stuffed bar high.

4) Tempura Cauliflower Tacos From The Pepperpot Café

When it comes to tacos, the answer is always yes, and these ones from The Pepperpot Café actually sound quite healthy, with tempura cauliflower, pickled cabbage, chimmichurri, brown rice and black bean salad. It's an excuse to eat even more.

5) The Cookie Ice-Cream Sandwiches At Chimac

We waited, and waited, and to be fair they look worth the wait. Chimac's stuffed cookie ice-cream sandwiches have landed and we are eager to get involved. Cornflake coating FTW.

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