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Where To Eek Out The Last Few Weeks Of Summer

August can be a tough one. Summer is ebbing away, your memories of two weeks in the sun are probably fading as fast as your tan (or maybe not, shout-out to the SPF squad) and if you’re heading back to work, or turning thoughts towards going back to college or getting the kids back to school, you’re likely to already be dreading the return to early mornings and drab packed lunches. Fear not, we’re here to help you eek out the last of the summer vibes in Dublin, for dishes and drinks that’ll make you feel like you’re still soaking up the sun, and not back in the office staring at a spreadsheet whilst longing for longer days...

Brunch (because holidays deserve lie-ins)

There’s no shortage of brunch spots that’ll make you feel like you’re anywhere else in the world but drizzly Dublin. An Argentinian adventure in Alma, middle-eastern mezze in Brother Hubbard North, or head to Herbstreet in Grand Canal Dock for a slab of American-style French toast with caramelised bananas, pecans, and clotted cream. It’s like the Eurovision of food - international, over the top and utterly addictive.


The capital’s pizza obsession rages on as Pi continues to command the crowds and Bread 41 have (finally!) cranked up their pizza-oven. For another taste of Neapolitan pizza, Il Caffe di Napoli on Westland Row is a well-kept secret. Ask for chicken on your pizza and you’ll quickly be met with a raised eyebrow and told “that’s not how we do things in Napoli”. Service is efficient with the slightest hint of surliness that’d make any Italian feel right at home.


One of our favourite things about holidays is being able to play fast and loose with your eating schedule. Lunch at 3pm? Yup. Dinner at midnight? Absolutely. Dublin might not be renowned for late-night dining but there are plenty of options to keep you going into the small hours. For serious night owls, Zaytoon’s city centre locations are open until 4am midweek and 5am at the weekends if you need a Persian pick-me-up - visit to Coppers optional. For those of us who prefer to see our beds a little earlier, Nightmarket in Ranelagh will transport you straight to Chiang Mai for Pad Thai and green papaya salad, or see out the last of the semi-warm evenings by trying to nab standing space outside Fish Shop on Benburb St.


Need a little pick-me-up between lunch and dinner? We’re all over that. From Frank’s to Eatyard, there’s plenty of places to keep you nibbling, or stroll to Las Tapas de Lola to soak up the buzzy atmosphere with a plate of fresh anchovies and a glass of manzanilla. It's the closest you'll get to Barcelona’s Boqueria.


Have you even been on holiday if you haven’t eaten ice-cream after every meal? From nitrogen ice-cream at newbie Three Twenty to ice-cream rolls from Arctic Stone, you can find cool treats in all shapes and sizes. Extend that holiday feeling by joining the tourists in Temple Bar for an ice-cream stuffed egg waffle cone topped with fruit, chocolate, and sauces from Bubble Waffle Factory.


Move over G&T's (fighting words we know), summer spritzes have elbowed their way onto cocktail menus across the city. While we’ll always love Aperol, some of our new favourites are the cherry spritz with cocchi from Circa, and the palate-cleansing Montenegro spritz (with Amaro Montenegro) from Host. Or head to the terrace in 1930's style Wilde in The Westbury for glass of Provence rosé, before pink wine season is officially over. Consider this your final klaxon-style warning.

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