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Where To Get Serious About Scones In Dublin

From petrol stations to 5 star hotels and every café in between, has a city ever taken an item so much in to their hearts (and breakfast menus) as Dublin has the humble scone? They’re the perfect vehicle to transport butter, jam, and cream (that’s right - we said “and”, there’s no shame in our scone game) into your face, and the Dublin scone scene is worth exploring. Also, good news, we’ve settled the debate and can now confirm that the word is 100% pronounced “scone” as in own, cone and moan. You’re welcome.

Baa Baa by Blacksheep Foods

Catering biz turned café, Baa Baa in Chapelizod has been blowing us away with so many scone flavour combos that we're struggling to pick just one. If we had to choose, it’d be the kale and cheddar, but honourable mentions go to strawberry and rosemary, and rhubarb and thyme. Basically, all the scones.

Food Game

On a stroll down South Lotts Road, you might happen upon a chalkboard outside Food Game telling you that “Dublin’s best scones are just out of the oven”. Big words (and they are really good) but, hey- who are we to fight with a sandwich board when they’ve already had enough trouble this month?

Pepper Pot Café

Take a break from shopping with a scone the size of your head while relaxing on the mezzanine of the Pepper Pot Café overlooking Powerscourt Town House Centre. Self-care in scone format.


Yes, that is Nutella on top of that scone on the left. Yes, Nutella. On a scone. It’s a Nutella scone. Brave the queues across any of the Coffee2Go locations (Mespil Road, Burlington Road, Blackrock) and even if the Nutella scones are all gone by the time you get there, you’ll be rewarded with lots of other options like pecan and raspberry.


Huge scone - check. Loads of Glenilen butter and berry jam - check. Outside seating where you can soak up some Rathgar buzz as you dine - check. Fia is a simple scone-eating haven.

The Woollen Mills

A scone so fruity, it almost doesn’t need jam. We’re adding jam anyway because we’re so extra, but it’s safe to say that The Woollen Mills scone will provide you with at least one of your five a day.

The Art of Coffee

In a city where our heads have been turned by cruffins and bircher museli, The Art of Coffee brings us back to our breakfast roots with their selection of fluffy fruit scones.


Many a bad morning/hangover/break up has been made better by an enormous raspberry, sugar-flecked scone from Keoghs Café on Trinity Street. For optimum scone-age get one while it's still warm (they always seem to be warm) with liberal amounts of Kerrygold on top and watch it melt in.

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