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5 Toasties We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

The world feels a bit mad at the moment. Our neighbours across the Irish Sea have lost the run of themselves altogether with elections and Brexit, Mariah Carey is advertising crisps, and a certain well-heeled Dublin street has been rebranded for Christmas in a move that has caused division, not just fractions. Don’t lose hope though, in a world gone mad there are certain things that will remain consistent; dropped toast will always landed buttered-side down, your mother will always tell you not to be wasting your money on her at Christmas, and Dublin will always be the home of the toasted sandwich, and this week these five are making us feel all gooey inside.

1) The Ham and Brie Toastie from Container Coffee

If you haven’t been to Container Coffee on Thomas St this toastie packed with thick slices of proper ham, brie, caramelised onion, and token rocket - gotta get those greens - should be all the molten motivation you need to get down there. The filling to bread ratio here is perfect, and the thickness of that ham should be recorded by the National Standards Authority of Ireland.

2) Crab Toastie from Minetta Deli

In a departure from the classic cheddar and ham, this toastie from Minetta Deli with spicy, zesty crab meat and gruyère cheese is one of their best sellers and we can see why. It’s basically lots of our favourite things in one perfect, sourdoughy package.

3) Chorizo and Manchego Toastie from BiBi’s Café

BiBi’s in Dublin 8 covers all the café basics with scones and eggy options, but the Chorizo and Manchego toastie from the beautifully titled “Lunchier Dishes” menu has caught our eye. Served with chili mayo it looks like exactly what we need on these colder afternoons.

4) Cashew Nut Butter and Blackberry Toastie from Laine My Love

Our love of cheese is well documented so the fact that we’ve included a cheese-free toastie on our list should probably tell you something. Laine My Love’s breakfast offering with sourdough, cashew butter, and blackberry preserve is a sweet, salty, carby hug.

5) Turkey and Chorizo Melt from 147 Deli

We’re not being dramatic, but if you haven’t been to 147 Deli on Parnell Street you’ve pretty much been living a half life. Rectify that soon, as their sandwiches and rolls are lovingly filled with a range of house-cooked meats and imaginative toppings, and alongside menu regulars the weekly special is pretty much guaranteed to be an epic creation, like last week's turkey and chorizo melt with extra chorizo crispy bits.

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