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Where To Eat Rhubarb And Blood Orange

Every January, blood oranges and rhubarb pop up in abundance on our favourite restaurant menus, and right now the season's in full swing. The rhubarb you're seeing on menus at the moment is most likely to be 'forced rhubarb', a method of growing where the rhubarb is covered so they're in darkness. This forces them to grow faster to try to reach the light, making them ready to be picked earlier than nature would have delivered. When it comes to blood oranges, we're usually looking at Italy's finest, and while the season officially runs until April don't hang around. They'll be gone again before you know it. Here's where to eat both in Dublin right now.

Rhubarb Doughnuts At Bistro One

They got the rhubarb memo in Foxrock, where Bistro One are keeping it simple(ish) with a couple of juicy rhubarb stems atop a bed of sugary doughnuts and custard. Possibly the most January-indicative dessert around.

Rhubarb And Custard Tart From Craft

Craft pair their forced rhubarb with a Valhrona dulcey custard and a ginger espuma (a fancy foam), and it looks and sounds like it's worth the trip to Harold’s Cross.

Cromane Oysters With Rhubarb Vinegar At Allta

Proof that rhubarb is more than dessert material, Allta serve their Kerry oysters with a house made rhubarb vinegar. Turns out zippy rhubarb plus saline oysters are meant to be.

Mulberry Garden's Rhubarb Donut And White Chocolate Mousse

More doughnuts in Donnybrook. Mulberry Garden is always worth the trip, but when oozing rhubarb doughnut hit the menu there’s no time like the present. This one's filled with rhubarb puree and accompanied by poached rhubarb, creme fraiche, meringue, and white chocolate mousse to offset the tartness of the rhubarb.

Chapter One's Poached Rhubarb

Coming alongside a sheep’s milk and oat ice-cream, the latest creation from Chapter One makes us want to eat haute-dessert all the time. A sour rhubarb sorbet features alongside poached rhubarb, strawberry chocolate and just a few gold flakes (because it obviously wasn’t luxe enough).

Daddy's Blood Orange Bakewell

This one would have made it through for the alliteration alone. On the counter last week, Daddy’s in Rialto made use of our favourite citrus fruit in a bakewell tart. Coupled with nuts and lots of butter we imagine this didn’t stay out for long