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Five Spring Pop-Ups You Should Know About

Residential tenants aren't the only ones being affected by the soaring prices in Dublin, budding restaurateurs are also having a tough time finding an affordable forever home. Enter, the pop-up, the obvious choice for the commercially savvy restaurateur looking to ease their way into the industry and test the waters before the massive commitment and outlay that is a property lease, and there's a few on the horizon that we think you oughta know about.

Lil Portie - The Fumbally Stables And Others

Hot on the heels of their successful stint in Two Fifty Square in Rathmines, Lil Portie recently set up shop on Sunday evenings in The Fumbally Stables, for a Sunday roast with a fiery Jamaican jerk twist. Their one last weekend was a quick sell out and we're currently waiting for more dates to be announced. Keep an eye on their Instagram for more info and upcoming dates.

Goulash House

In case the name didn’t clue you in, Goulash House are specialists in beef goulash with potatoes or gnocchi. Croatian Ivan Rakic only arrived here four months ago but wasted no time in bringing his stew made with "the best Irish beef" to the masses. His family business back in Croatia is producing free-range chickens and eggs, and he says he wanted to offer a healthy alternative to fast food and junk food deliveries. Up until now they've been delivery only but they've just launch a weekly pop up every Monday night in The Sweet Spot on Church Road in East Wall. Check them out on Instagram here.

Middle Eastern Five

If Jordanian food is your thing, and let’s be honest, it really should be, then the folks from Middle Eastern Five have something that will probably be right up your street. Signature dishes include chicken farrog - grilled chicken with tabbouleh and labne, or qatayef asafiri - bite size pancakes stuffed with pistachio nuts and sweet yoghurt. The next Middle Eastern feast takes place in Two Fifty Square in Rathmines on Friday 13th March. Get tickets here.


Marie Claire Digby in the Irish Times called Sticks “one of the most original pop-ups on the Dublin dining scene” and we would have to agree. Mainly influenced by Japanese skewer culture, Jonny Boyle and Kate O’Donohoe serve a seven-course menu at their monthly pop up, solely featuring dishes that can be served on sticks. Previously held in Storyboard, they've moved to The Fumbally Stables for the foreseeable future. March dates have now sold out but there are still tables available for their April and May sessions - guaranteed they won't be there for long though. Tickets are €99 and include drinks pairings for each course. Tickets and more info here.


Unless you've spent the last while hiding out at home you've probably heard of Gursha. The Ethiopian pop up has been a sell out since last summer and recently moved to a new home at Legit Coffee Co. on the North Circular Road in Phibsboro. Reviews so far have been positive to say the least and the menu can be tailored to suit vegetarians or vegans alike, with all dishes also gluten free. There are a few tickets left for select dates in April, although you'll need to move fast. Tickets and more info here.

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