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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

While things aren’t back to normal yet (and won’t be for a looong time), the easing of certain social-distancing restrictions this week mean that some of us will have more access to the places we love and miss. Here are five things we want to eat this week to make life feel a little more normal...

1) Burnt Orange Curd Tart From Daddy's

Open from 10:00 to 15:00 Wednesday to Saturday, Daddy’s has been brightening up our Instagram timeline with brunch classics and specials to-go from their café in Rialto. This orange curd tart looks like it might just make us forget about the real world for a few precious minutes.

2) The Lasagne Burger From Urbanity

While this was a special from last week, we think Urbanity need to bring this back now that people within 5kms are able to get their mitts on it. It’s basically a big chunk of lasagne on buttery brioche. Filthy.

3) Antipasti Galette From Bread 41

Available to order this week, the antipasti galette from Bread 41 is packed with fresh cheese and jamon iberico, surrounded by flaky pastry. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, pre-dinner, dinner, snack, dessert - we can’t think of a time when we wouldn’t want to eat this.

4) Porchetta From Mister S

The collection menu from Mister S is one of the best we’ve seen (and we've collectively had it three times already), and also probably the best value at €22 per person for three courses. Choose carefully and one of those courses could be this porchetta, cooked over their signature wood-fired grill. Even in lockdown, it’s perfectly acceptable to over-order for leftover sandwich purposes, yes?

5) Nduja Chicken Wings From Osteria Lucio

We take a cautious approach to chicken wings here in ATF after many greasy, flaccid disappointments over the years. However, these wings which are available for delivery and collection from Osteria Lucio near Grand Canal Quay look like they pack a lot of promising heat. And surely an upside to lockdown is having fewer people to share your wings with?

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