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ATF Readers Survey - Only 41% Say They Will Eat Out As Much As They Did Before

Only 41% of ATF readers say they will eat out as much as they did before once restaurants are allowed to reopen, with 22% saying they don't know. The results are part of a readers' survey we carried out this week on how people feel about going out to eat again, and what measures would make them less anxious about visiting cafés and restaurants.


When it comes to social distancing measures in restaurants, like perspex dividers and temperature checks, 59% said these would not put them off going out to eat, with 41% saying it would.


Perhaps surprisingly, only 30% of respondents said their level of disposable income to spend on food has been affected by the pandemic, with 70% saying it hasn't. Perhaps the Covid-19 payment is helping to keep people more liquid than they otherwise might have been.


Despite just 41% of people saying they will continue to eat out as much as they used to, 53% said they will not feel worried about eating out once restaurants and cafés reopen, with the other 47% saying they will.


When it came to measures that would make people less anxious to eat out, the most important aspect was adequate social distancing between customers (31%), but an additional 35% of readers want to see every measure possible implemented, including checks on customers entering the building, scrupulous hygiene, and the ability to eat outdoors.


81% of respondents have been using restaurants' new takeaway, delivery and meal kit services, with the main reasons being wanting to support the restaurants (50%) and missing eating out (28%). Mister S was voted the best at home experience, with Uno Mas and Host coming in joint first place for the restaurants Dubliners can't wait to revisit.

Uno Mas / Host

For the top 10 restaurants and cafés that our readers can't get to get back to, as well as their top 10 at home restaurant meal experiences during lockdown, read part one of our survey results here.

The ATF readers' poll was carried out from 11th-12th May and was answered by 2,000 people.

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