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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

If it’s hot in Dublin and you’re not posing with an ice-cream on your Insta, was it really even summer? While the temperatures may have dipped, our ice-cream capacity hasn’t, and we’re making a point of seeking out as much of the good stuff as we can, while we can. Here are five we want to eat this week.

1) BuJo's Ice-Cream Cookie Sandwich

We do love a bit of hype (if for nothing more than distraction purposes right now), and when we spotted that BuJo are launching ice-cream cookie sandwiches that have been five years in the works, we could immediately think of nothing else. Available from this week in white chocolate and raspberry, and double chocolate chip flavours. Consider us intrigued. And hungry. Always hungry.

2) Espresso Soft Serve From 3fe

Soft-service ice-cream that packs a serious 3fe espresso kick, topped with brownie crumble is pretty much the only way we can see to combine our daily walk with our need to beat the work-from-home afternoon slump and our love of ice-cream. Give the kids a Choc Ice and save this one for the grown-ups.

3) Chimac's Limited Edition Ice-Cream Sandwiches

We’ve long waxed-lyrical about Chimac’s malty, cornflakey OG ice-cream cookie sandwiches and have been known to add an additional one (or six) to our delivery order to ensure our freezer remains a happy place. A new limited edition flavour, caramel swirl ice-cream with malted pretzel and dark chocolate cookie, has been launched this week and we’re counting down the hours until we can get our paws on one.

4) Cookie Dough And Brownie Batter From Three-Twenty Ice-Cream Lab

When it comes to dessert, sometimes you want a nice scoop of grapefruit sorbet, and sometimes you want enough sugar to give a small child heart palpitations. We don’t judge - you do you. Available for collection, Three Twenty Ice-Cream Lab on Drury Street now have trays of cookie dough and brownie batter to bake at home. They come with 500ml of ice-cream and sauces, proving that more is very definitely more.

5) Little Bird's Ice-Cream Sundaes

As much as we’re fond of a 99, ice-cream in tubs offers maximum potential in terms of loaded toppings. These cute sundaes from Little Bird on South Circular Road come in chocolate cookie crumbs or unicorn raspberry vanilla flavour and look like an instant mood boost.

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