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Some Things We Ate This Week

Host's reinvention as a grocery may have been born out of necessity, but it has meant we've been able to have pumpkin cappelletti pretty much weekly, and we're very grateful for this fact. They stock an extensive selection of their own dishes to cook at home, plus Italian pantry staples, desserts, charcutiere and cheese, and breads. Apart from the cappelletti, recent purchases have included the fried goats cheese with hazelnuts, and the pork chop with mushroom and truffle. All amazing - Helen

We were sent the first night of Volpe Nera at home to try and were oh so impressed. This one is being done again very soon. Every course seemed better than the last, and the dessert of basil panna cotta with a smoked, vinegary strawberry consommé and tuile was some way to finish - Lisa

Fowl Play on Hogan Place recently reopened for collection and delivery so naturally we were straight in there. The cheese and chorizo croquetas were good, but we'd have liked them a little bigger and with a lighter filling. The sticky, tender pork belly skewers were the stand-out, and the hand-cut chips seasoned in a spicy house rub pack a seriously good heat - Helen

We stumbled across Old Street's new barbecue in their outside seating area and it made for a very delicious, impromptu lunch on the grass looking out at the sea. We loved the jumbo prawns with garlic olive oil and tabbouleh, and thought it was all really well priced - Lisa

We miss brunch. We miss cafes. We miss ALMA. Thankfully, they're now open for collection (and delivery within 5kms) and the queue there is like a little socially distant bubble of happiness and positivity. We had the dulce de leche pancakes, eaten in the sunshine in a nearby park. Bliss - Helen

While a Friday night takeaway has always been fairly standard, it's turning in to more of an event as a means to mark the end of weeks that seem to have no other punctuation, and we were very pleased to see that Ukiyo now deliver. Sushi and fried gyoza were really good, and we added a cocktail to our order as part of our research into the best places to get lockdown cocktails.

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