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Where To Get Cocktails In A Lockdown

Like just about everyone else in the country, we’re not loving lockdown. Yes, we know it’s important, and we’re sticking to the rules (for the most part), but it’s hard when you miss your family, friends, restaurants and going outside.

We have many questions that revolve around food and eating out - when will our favourite cafes, bars, and restaurants open again? How will they manage when social distancing means that their occupancy levels are reduced dramatically? Is there a bowl of Las Tapas de Lola’s croquetas de jamón out there somewhere thinking about us as much as we’re thinking about them?

When lockdown started, we had big plans. Three months later, we’re doing a lot less online yoga than the amount of time we’re spending in yoga pants would suggest, and our ginventory is running embarrassingly low. Thankfully, we’ve discovered that lots of places in Dublin are now delivering cocktails or cocktail kits to your door, or making them available for collection. Yes, we’ll remember 2020 for lots of negative things, but Negronis on demand is not one of them. Here’s who we're calling when we want the good stuff.

Vintage Cocktail Club

One thing we really miss is getting dressed-up and going out. We’re not saying everyone has turned into a slob overnight, but we haven’t seen a pair of heels since March and can't remember how to put on lipstick. If you want to inject some glam into your evening, the cocktail kit from Vintage Cocktail Club is a definite way to do it. They sent us one to try last week which included glassware, ice, and garnishes, bar snacks, as well as a mixture of cocktails. We tried the Condor Curley Sue, the Gimlet and the Hanky Panky - all delicious. The only thing we didn't get was the inclusion of hand-carved ice marked to highlight which cocktail they went with. Risky business in these temperatures, and they'd melted a bit by the time they arrived, then took on a wonky shape in the freezer, but overall it's a lovely gift, to yourself. Available on Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats.

Mad Yolks At The Fourth Corner

Let’s be honest, without booze, brunch is just a sad breakfast. Luckily for us, Mad Yolks’ location inside The Fourth Corner bar means that lovely breakfast sandwiches can now be collected or delivered (location dependent) with a range of fresh cocktails every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Or you could forego the food and just head straight for the mojitos, passion fruit margaritas or sangria. Bonus points here for pricing too, with drinks starting from a very casual €4. Check out their Instagram page for order and collection details plus info on delivery areas and prices.

Hang Dai

Hang Dai has been one of our to-go takeaways over the past few months and we were very happy to see that cocktails are now available for collection and delivery via Deliveroo. As you’d expect from Hang Dai, they’re pretty extra, and come in sizes up to 1 litre. See their website for all the info.


If you’re not familiar with Ukiyo, it needs to go on your list for when everything is fully open and operating again. Reasonably-priced sushi, bento and ramen with karaoke booths downstairs make it a popular spot for group outings (remember groups?). However, our personal karaoke rule is, if you have to do it, don’t do it sober. Available for delivery or collection, they have a lovely range of cocktails including Aperol spritz and negronis. We added a bottle of The Kneeler (basically gin with ginger in every form known to man) to a recent order and would highly recommend - we especially loved the attention taken to include ice and garnishes. You could always fire up Spotify for your own karaoke experience and order a second bottle for the wall-sharing neighbours by way of an advance apology? All information is on their website.