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10 Things To Buy Before You Leave Dublin On Your Holidays

Usually by this time of the year, we’re either on holiday abroad stuffing ourselves with local food and wine, or we’re fervently researching local websites to help decide where’s first on our list when we get off the plane. This year however it's a time to follow advice, avoid non-essential travel, and use the time to explore our own lovely, albeit rainy, country instead. While we know Ireland has no end of great local spots, not everywhere has fully reopened, and not everyone is keen to spend as much time in cafes and shops as usual, so there may be some additional planning needed to make sure you’re eating all the best things, even if it means bringing some of them with you (note: this is particularly relevant for that isolated Air BnB in the middle of nowhere. Peace and quiet is great but being stuck for decent food is not). Here are 10 things you can stock up on before you leave Dublin to make sure you eat well when you get there.

1) The Chef's Menu From Host

Host at Home has been one of the highlights of our year. At the start of lockdown they had to close the restaurant and re-open as a grocery store, selling their own signature plates to have at home. We’ve eaten our way through most of their menu at this stage (for research purposes obvs), and the duck ragu has gotten us through some of our darkest lockdown days. For the ultimate in holiday extravagance at your home away from home go for the chef’s menu featuring a 600g salt-aged rib eye on the bone, a pasta dish, starters, sides, and dessert for two for €60. It’s the ideal meal for the first night in your new surrounds as all that needs to be cooked is the steak and fresh pasta - everything else just needs to be heated or plated.

2) Cookies From Bread 41

If you were lucky enough to be able to get to Bread 41 easily during lockdown (guilty), it’s probably safe to say you have a dependency now and there’s a real risk that going a day without their fresh breads and pastries could cause serious withdrawals. We can’t have that so would highly recommend that you stock-up big time before getting in the car. Their salted chocolate cookies are legendary and they’re the ultimate in portable. Pro tip: take more than you think you’ll eat; while they’re best eaten on the day of purchase five mins in a hot oven will bring a day-old cookie back to life beautifully. You can also freeze them.

3) Agnolotti from Forest Avenue

When you think of Dublin, what images come to mind? The Poolbeg Towers? Yes. The Spire? Possibly. A plateful of cheesy agnolotti under a blanket of parmesan eaten in the minimalist calm of Forest Avenue? Definitely. They may have been the first Dublin restaurant to pivot to a grocery shop and they’ve had a queue of people lining-up for their signature pasta to cook at home ever since. It’s the ideal holiday food, cooks in five minutes, and the addition of butter and sage elevates it to a level of culinary excellence that your AirBnB has probably never seen before.

4) A Pizza Kit From Toonsbridge Dairy

If you’re going to be driving all day and hate the thought of having to prep and cook a meal as soon as you arrive at your holiday rental, especially if you have hungry kids to feed, we would highly recommend you grab a pizza kit from Toons Bridge Dairy on George's Street. There’s a choice of margherita or chorizo, and each kit makes two pizza, complete with Toons Bridge’s own special pizza mozzarella. We’d recommend you leave space in your boot for lots of olives, cheese and charcuterie too. Plus, you’ll need some cannoli for the road; theirs are some of the nicest we’ve tried recently.

5) The Bacon Cheeseburger Box From Featherblade

While it’s not BBQ weather, we’re nothing if not optimists. If you don’t have the foresight to make sure the house you’ve booked has a BBQ, even a frying pan will help you make the most of a burger kit from Featherblade. You’ll thank us when you’re tucking into some of the tastiest burgers we’ve found, and we did a LOT of research. Order for Dublin/Maynooth/Celbridge/Leixlip/Wicklow via www.stuffuneed.ie, or nationwide to anywhere via Featherblade themselves if you don’t want to have to find room in the car. If you do have room in the car you can also collect. Boxes are €40 plus €5 for delivery and feed six hungry people.