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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

If the last few months have taught us anything it’s that life is too short to be unhappy. Buy the impractical shoes, talk to strangers' puppies, and eat all the desserts. It’s also taught us that if left to our own devices, we’ll happily forego our five-a-day in favour of carbs and coffee, but these five fruity desserts give us the best of both worlds. While we can’t promise that all of these are 'healthy', we’re pretty sure that eating them will make you 'happy', and really what else matters right now.

1) Cherry Frangipane Tartlets from Tiller + Grain

Cherry season is sweet but short so we’d suggest taking every opportunity you can to get your mitts on them. These almond and cherry frangipane tarts from Tiller + Grain are like a little burst of sugar and sunshine in the middle of all the wind and drizzle our weather app is predicting.

2) Sweet Mezze From Brother Hubbard North

Mezze-style is one of our favourite ways to eat, mainly because we’re greedy and want to try as many things as possible at each meal. The new sweet brunch mezze from Brother Hubbard North has pretty much every angle covered thanks to the inclusion of chia overnight oats, roasted peach, caramelised brioche with labneh, sweet dukkah, and a tahini-honey sauce, and there’s even a little berry smoothie on there. It's practically a fruit salad.

3) Cherry Tart From The Joy Of Cha

There was only one response when this sour cherry cheesecake from Joy Of Cha in Temple Bar appeared on our Insta feeds - swoon. We're not sure we'll be able to get through the week without diverting in for a taste.

4) Roast Banana and Coffee Mille Feuille from Woodruff

Woodruff in Stepaside is back with a bang with pre-order and collection services on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, and the dining room reopening for weekend dinner and lunches. Their new menu is pretty much a list of all the things we like to eat, but we would 100% start with this mille feuille of roasted banana, coffee, dark chocolate, caramelised walnuts and all the layers of crisp puff pastry.

5) Ice-Cream Sandwich From Two Pups

When this popped up on Two Pups’ Insta, it caused gasps across the ATF team. Yes, we’re a dramatic bunch, but we do love a good ice-cream sandwich. This one has homemade strawberry ice-cream sandwiched between two tahini cookies, with white chocolate and sesame seeds, and looks about a million times more delicious than anything in our fruit bowl or freezer right now.

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