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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

Cheese, we love the stuff, but feel it just doesn’t get enough love in return. Sure, mention “Sheridan’s” in the right company and you’ll easily spend an hour waxing lyrical about the joys of a great Comté, or competing over the strongest blue you’ve ever had, but when’s the last time you heard a song dedicated to Gruyère? Or a little poem about Brillat-Savarin? No recognition. Here's five cheesy things we want to show some appreciation to (and also eat) this week.

1) Broccoli with Smoked Gubbeen from Loretta’s

Cheese and truffle are a classic combination, and this one has smoked Gubbeen cream and summer truffle in quantity. This new plate from Loretta’s is also packed with broccoli and almonds for a healthier way to eat all the cheese.

2) Lasagne Pizza from The Yarn

When things go wrong in the world, it’s not unusual to turn to food for comfort. Given what we’re currently going through, we’d suggest doubling-down on the comfort food with the addition of lasagne to pizza, otherwise known as 'the lasagne pizza', from The Yarn.

3) Grillades from San Lorenzo’s

Grits, traditionally made from cornmeal, have gotten a cheesy upgrade in San Lorenzo’s, with the addition of parmesan. Served with smoked beef brisket, paprika-laced gravy and fried eggs, it’s basically three meals in one.

4) Double Cheese Jambon from Storyboard

What’s better than cheese? Two types of cheese. Make it all melty, add pastry, and we pretty much have our ideal meal. Will crawl to Storyboard to get one of these Parmesan and smoked Gubbeen jambons seasoned with sumac and fennel if necessary.

5) Tomato, Spinach, and Cream Cheese Tart from Daddy’s

Here’s a great reason to get out from the space between your laptop and your couch for lunch. Stroll, bike or drive to Daddy’s in Rialto for a slice of their savoury tart. This one is tomato, spinach, and cream cheese. Don’t worry, your comfy dent will still be on the couch when you get back.

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