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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

The days are getting shorter, darker and colder, and inevitably our diets are going to start shifting from brightly coloured salads, sandwiches and tarts to all things warming and rib-sticking, but lets not wish our lives away. In this transitional period pork is popping up everywhere and we think it's the perfect Autumnal food. We're just waiting for someone to pair it with blackberries for the ultimate dish we want to eat this week - maybe next time.

1) Suckling Pig Ragu, Gnocchi & Sheep's Cheese From Bistro One

We really loved Bistro One when we last visited, and pictures like this just make us desperate to book a return visit. Their new menu addition of suckling pig ragu with gnocchi and Creeny sheep's cheese from Corleggy, involves a whole pig cooked down with house-made Tuscan style 'Salsiccia' with fennel, garlic and pepper. It's available as a starter or a main course, and we'd happily order it for both.

2) Heritage Tomatoes And Lardo On Toast From Fade Street Social

In the best fusing of summer and autumn we've seen this week, Fade Street Social are serving heritage tomatoes chopped and glazed with rosemary oil and basil on sourdough toast, topped with thin slices of warmed lardo. We're there.

3) Morcilla On Sourdough From Two Pups

It's official, Two Pups can do no wrong, and this latest menu addition of morcilla sausage with pickled shallots, white beans in a sun-dried tomato sauce and poached eggs on lightly toasted Le Levain sourdough just solidifies their culinary prowess.

4) The Chipotle Pork Belly Sandwich From Junior's

Junior's in Beggar's Bush are really hitting it out of the park these days with the sandwich combos (and the pictures), and the latest is this slow roast chipotle pork belly with crispy tortillas, tomato, rocket, chipotle mayo and avocado. We want.

5) Scallops, Squid And Guanciale From Michael's

Never ones to sit still, Michael's in Mount Merrion have come up with a new surf and turf combo, featuring seared scallops, Donegal squid and housemade guanciale with bacon butter. Has ever a more attractive sentence been uttered...