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Where To Eat Outdoors In Dublin

*Updated 1st September 2020*

Restaurants have reopened and we're high on life, but some people are still understandably cautious about being trapped in an enclosed space with others for an extended period of time. We know that your chances of catching Covid-19 are greatly reduced in outdoor settings, so dining outdoors will be the key factor in attracting some people back to restaurants again - just expect those tables to be very in demand. Here's where you can eat outside in Dublin - newly updated.


Our love for Shouk runs deep. The food, the staff, the prices, the food. They were lucky to already have an outdoor space pre-pandemic but they've since extended it further into their Drumcondra yard, which means you can have all the arayes, mezze and shawarma without any indoor-related risks.


Mamó reopened a couple of weeks ago to whoops and cheers across the city, and it's no surprise that their outside tables are very popular. This is one we'll be enjoying well into Autumn - côte de boeuf + those crispy potatoes + red wine + blankets = a very happy situation.


Vegetarian and vegan Glas have a very Parisian vibe going on outside their Chatham Street restaurant. The three tables are covered with an awning so you and your sweetcorn & jalapeno fritters will even be covered in case of rain (just maybe not the sideways type).


L'Gueuleton on Fade Street have a considerable outside space, prime for people watching, and their new small plates menu looks like another good excuse to visit.