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5 Breakfast Sandwiches That Are Infinitely Better Than Maccy D's

We all slip up sometimes, eat something we shouldn't, live with diner's regret for days afterwards, and there are few things as tempting as an Egg McMuffin after a heavy night out. But why would we willingly give our money and daily calorie allowance to a global corporation responsible for inflicting so much damage on the world when we could eat one of these infinitely better breakfast sandwiches instead. Bookmark this for your next hangover...

Benedict's Egg Shop, George's Street Arcade

The Meet Me In The Morning / Loose Canon guys have gone into the egg game with their simple but very effective Benedict's Egg Shop. The 'classic' has softly scrambled eggs, fried onions, melted cheese with chives and breakfast sauce on a brioche bun, and you can add bacon or salmon if you want to take it up a gear.

Happy Endings, Aston Quay

Flavour overlords Happy Ending's breakfast sambo comes with scrambled egg, American cheese, spring onion and Maggi mayo on a toasted onion and poppy seed bagel. These are the types of twists we welcome at breakfast time.

Tír Deli, Baggot Street

Tír Deli's sausage and egg sandwich comes with a 'seasonal sausage patty', free-range fried egg, cheddar and tír seasonal relish on a pillowy brioche. They had us at seasonal sausage.

Brasserie Sixty6, George's Street

Brasserie Sixty6 have put a French spin on the humble breakfast sambo with egg omelette (is there another type of omelette?), melted cheese and onion lyonnaise in a soft brioche bun. Do we want to eat it? Bien sûr.

Mad Yolks, Glasthule

This weekend is Mad Yolks' last one in the Eagle in Glasthule, meaning it's your last chance for the foreseeable future to get your hands on their classic 'Mad Yolk' with scrambled eggs, fresh chilli, chives, caramelised onion, smoked applewood cheddar, rocket and sriracha mayo on toasted brioche. Or you could upgrade to the 'Bad Yolk' with fried eggs, a black and white pudding patty, streaky bacon and beef tomato. After this weekend they're focusing on finding a permanent home of their own, so hopefully they'll be back slinging eggs before we know it.

Is there an amazing breakfast sandwich in Dublin that we don't know about? Let us know by emailing