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5 Christmas Sandwiches We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

Things have started very early this year, with the first sightings of turkey, stuffing and ham sandwiches appearing at the start of November. In previous times this would have been considered heresy, unthinkable, we're barely past Halloween for God's sake - but these days we'll take our joy where we can find it, and these five sandwiches look like a whole lot of joy...

1) The Santa Baby From Goat's Gruff

Drive through coffee shop Goat's Gruff were first off the mark this year with the return of their "Santa Baby" in the second week of November. We can think of no better reason to get in a car this week than their sourdough ciabatta with baked ham, turkey, stuffing, brie and cranberry sauce. Grab a coffee, head for the Phoenix Park and have yourself a lovely winter picnic. Plus plenty of miles to walk this monster off afterwards.

2) Greenville Deli's Christmas Special

Good news for anyone eyeing up Greenville Deli's Christmas special of carved roast turkey, maple glazed ham, homemade herby stuffing, cranberry sauce and mustard mayo on sourdough. You can not only get it in their Inchicore café, but also in the cafés they supply sandwiches to, like Bua in Drumcondra, Surge in Clontarf and Grounded in Clonskeagh.

3) The Honey Truffle Festive Sandwich

At the risk of sounding like a Docklands builder with a dirty mouth, look at the cranberries on that - there's no fear of a dry turkey mouth with this one. Honey Truffle's festive sandwich features home baked Irish ham, roast turkey, sage and thyme caramelised onion sourdough stuffing, ruby cranberry and port sauce, and mayo on Firehouse Bakery's sourdough. We're coming for you.

4) The Turkey, Stuffing & Cranberry From Provider

Provider in Harold's Cross are going simple but effective with their turkey, stuffing and cranberry sambo - one for when you won't have the opportunity to retire to bed for a few hours after lunch.

5) The Christmas Sandwich From Hush

The Hush Christmas sandwich is back in Rathmines, with turkey, glazed ham, herby stuffing, homemade gravy and cranberry sauce on toasted sourdough. If you don't want it toasted we're sure they'll oblige, but either way you may want to wear loose fitting pants for this one.


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