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Great Gifts To Send Exhausted New Parents

New parents are very, very tired. Even the ones in the baby bubble have points in the day when the fifth coffee isn't working, and the only things to do is bunker down, stock the fridge and eat all the food to cope with all the sleep deprivation. Here's 5 things to send tired parents that are infinitely better than flowers and baby clothes...

1) Camerino's Cake Club

Sugar = energy = the difference between being able to carry on a conversation with another adult or falling asleep into your lunch. Much loved Dublin bakery Camerino recently started a cake and cookie club, where they'll deliver a box of 12 cakes (€50) or 12 cookies (€35) to your house as a one off or a monthly membership, and you can add a wooden gift box for €30. They're also freezable if for whatever reason they can't get through them in a few days (they will). See the details here.

2) A Box Of Nice Things From Craic Foods

We discovered Craic Foods a few months ago thanks to a recommendation, and they sell all manner of things to add excitement to your kitchen. From bacon ketchup to savoury chorizo jam, Irish black butter to freeze dried fruit for when you haven't been to the shop in a week, a few carefully chosen items could jazz up the most basic of kitchen staples. There's also a whole section dedicated to jars of salted caramel - we recommend the tahini and miso ones, but you know they're all good. Check them out here.

3) A Fresh Fruit And Vegetable Delivery

When you're low on energy and covered in baby vomit it's tempting to sit and eat junk food all day, but we all know you'll feel better if you can sandwich some nutrition in between all the cake and chocolate, so make it easy for them by having a beautiful box of fruits and vegetables delivered (if exhaustion is at an all time high they can juice them). We're loving Harvest Day's predominantly Irish and organic boxes, priced at either €25 or €40 and delivered nationwide Thursdays and Fridays. You can see exactly what farm each item was grown on, and they're guaranteeing a fair price paid to their farmers - no 39c bags of onions around these parts. Check them out here.

4) Something Beautiful For Their Kitchen From Araucaria Ceramics

We're big time crushing on everything from Araucaria Ceramics lately, and dreaming of kitchen shelves styled to showcase their sugar bowls, milk pourers and plates. New parents tend to drink a lot of coffee, so why not give them something beautiful to look at through those half-closed eyes. Potter Daniel Woodsmith releases new stock into his online shop every few weeks, so keep an eye on it here or sign up for updates.

5) Ice-Cream From Cream Of The Crop Gelato

You know what tired people need in the freezer? Ice-cream. You know what's better than ice-cream? Cream Of The Crop's gelato. Chef Giselle Makinde uses surplus and imperfect ingredients like over-ripe bananas, cantaloupe and sheep's milk yoghurt to make delicious, feel-good flavours, and they deliver free anywhere in Dublin on orders over €24. They also deliver to Kildare, Wicklow and Meath on Saturdays. Check out this week's flavours here.

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