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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

It’s been a weird week. Netflix’s Prom got a Golden Globe nom, half the country has been hooked on a poor-quality recording of an online Cheshire Parish Council meeting (go you Jackie Weaver), and we’ve all been abnormally entertained by a lawyer cleverly disguised as a kitten. Hey, it’s 2021 and anything that makes us feel an emotion other than despair is fine by us.

But you know what the internet is also great for? Showing us delicious food. Here’s the five things it's taunting us with this week.

1) Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger from Bujo

Bujo are the queens of tease when it comes to new products, such is their determination to get things unarguably perfect, and we've been waiting a long time since this picture of an up and coming chicken burger appeared on their Instagram page last September. So we take great pleasure in telling you that one of the ATF team happened to stumble into Bujo while they were doing taste tests and immediately sent frenzied texts about the "incredible" crunchy fried chicken with pink pickled onions, and zingy secret sauce, and a chicken to bun ratio that's "fantastic". While they're not quite ready to launch it yet, if it is on the menu on your next visit you know what to do.

2) Sugar Pit Rib Beef from Baste BBQ

Consider this your official Baste BBQ klaxon, because they’re back with a meaty bang. They've got takeaway every Friday and Saturday plus an online store and at-home kits are available, but this short rib really caught our eye. Each one is over 300g of slow-cooked, smoky goodness. Insert Homer Simpson drooling gif right here.

3) Orange-Soaked Sourdough from Ground State Coffee

Much like our brains at the moment, there’s a lot to unpack here - sourdough soaked in orange with a spiked crème anglais, labneh, poached pears, cinnamon, and nut brittle. Ground State Coffee say it’s their most popular brunch dish and we can see why. Available for click and collect or delivery via Deliveroo..

4) Prawn Laksa from Soup Two

In any other year, the announcement of the opening of a second restaurant from the gang in Soup Ramen would be grounds for excited text messages written ENTIRELY IN CAPS, but for now you'll have to make do with click and collect or local-ish delivery from Soup Two, their new digs on King Street North near Smithfield. This coconut-based laksa with prawns, glass noodles, cashews, and crispy onions looks like a great introduction to their menu.

5) All the Cookie Sandwiches from My Cookie Sandwich

Rory Shannon from Bistro One set up My Cookie Sandwich late last year to really positive feedback, and now the online store is back open, this time with nationwide delivery. The cookie sandwiches are packed with flavour and incredibly moreish so we’d recommend ordering what you think you’ll need, then doubling it (maybe treble it for the loaded chocolate). It looks like they’re just about sold out now but keep an eye on their website for the next release dates.