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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

From salads to street food, summery ice-pops to retro biscuits, there's a lot that's been catching our eye since yesterday, but these are the 5 things we most want to eat in Dublin this week.

1) Blackcurrant Teacakes From The Cupcake Bloke

The Cupcake Bloke has just launched a retro biscuit bar from the bakery in Rialto. The opening menu includes his famous mikados, as well as millionaire bourbons with caramel and caramelised white chocolate and purple snacks, but we have our eyes firmly set on these teacakes filled with vanilla marshmallow, blackcurrant jam and an oat biscuit, covered in dark chocolate. Order for collection here.

2) Takoyaki From Kakilang

Kakilang, the fried chicken and bubble tea shop on the quays has set up stalls in Merrion Square Park (Thursday 11:00 - 14:00) and St. Anne’s Park (Saturday 11:00 - 16:00) and their Takoyaki is going with them. The little battered balls are filled with cabbage, octopus and scallions and we'll be making a beeline for them the next time we're passing.

3) Chocolate & Cranberry Cookies From Two Boys Brew

Two Boys Brew in Phibsboro have just added these monster cookies to their range, with ruby chocolate, white chocolate and cranberries. They say they're obsessed with them, and we think we will be too.

4) The Greek Salad From Yeeros

Summer! You're here! And with it comes the inability to eat anything hot outside and the ability to turn anything in the fridge into a "salad". If the mood strikes and the fridge is empty Yeeros are making this legit Greek one with tomato, cucumber, peppers, olives, feta and capers, and you might as well add on some dolmades and dips while you're there. So cooling...

5) Mixed Berry Cheesecake Ice Pop From Kahuna Pops

You'll find photographer Lili Forberg's Kahuna Pops stall at Bushy Park Market every Saturday and we're loving the look of their new mixed berry cheesecake. Be warned though - your chances of getting one gradually decline as the temperature rises.


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