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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

Every now and then, a meal pops up on Instagram that makes you think “I could make that”, but you know you’re kidding yourself. We know you’re kidding yourself. Just stop, it’s embarrassing. This week the 5 things we most want to eat in Dublin remind us that, no matter how highly we rate ourselves in the kitchen, we will forever be in awe of chefs but do it so much better than we ever could.

1) The Salt Beef Bagel from Token

Sure, you could grab a pack of bagels from Tesco, add Philadelphia and pretend you made a lunch that you’re proud of, but you'd only be fooling yourself. It wouldn't be a patch on this poppy seed number packed with salt beef, pickles, fresh dill and a gribiche sauce from Token.

2) Glazed BBQ Ribs from Bahay

Good news Bahay fans, the roving Filipino pop-up will be at Taste of Dublin. Their festival menu includes chicken adobo, BBQ charred tofu, gambas with Zamboanga sauce, and these monster glazed ribs that make our weekend BBQ attempts look like we've handed the charcoal and tongs to a small child with poor fine motor skills.

3) Beef Tartare Taco from Richmond

Our usual MO for making tacos is to do it only in the company of very close friends, because we know they’re not going to be pretty, and we don’t even mean the kind of pretty like those girls in 90's films when Freddie Prinze Jr. removed their glasses, messy buns and sexual inhibitions. Then in walk Richmond with this beef tartare taco from the snack menu that makes us never want to attempt them again.

4) Duck Heart Tartine from Volpe Nera

Tartine is basically toast. You can do toast. But can you do toast with duck hearts and fermented plum like this one from Volpe Nera? No? Sucks to be you (and us).

5) Halloumi Burger from Soup Two

Soup Two is one of those lockdown openings that has flown frustratingly under the radar. Their specials board is a constant thing of beauty, especially when it comes to this week's halloumi burger with pineapple jam, mint yogurt and fries. They had us at pineapple jam.


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