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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

Spring has sprung, buds are budding, and somewhere deep down in your dark little soul there's been a shift of mood as you're starting to see an injection of colour in your life, or at least on your phone. After what feels like an endless winter of scrolling through images of fried chicken, burgers, and sushi (possibly made in some randomer's bedroom), we're finally getting some virtual sunshine in the form of blood orange and rhubarb ev'ywhere. Here's all the fruity goodness you need in your life this week and where to find it.

1) Rhubarb and Vanilla Sponge from Two Boys Brew

Life is all about balance - ying and yang, popcorn and Maltesers, hopeless crying resulting in helpless giggling. If cake has been a regular feature of your week lately, this one from Two Boys Brew topped with buttercream and rhubarb should inject some fruity balance after all of the chocolate/salted caramel/honeyed doughs that got us through winter.

2) Aperol Spritz Panna Cotta from Osteria Lucio

One of our favourite things about food and drink, and it's a looooong list, is how evocative so much of it is. Aperol Spritz is the taste of a summer terrace somewhere in Dublin 2, shopping bags at our weary feet, watching people wander past while we get more vocal and even more hilarious with our friends sitting well within two metres. If you could put that feeling in a jar, you'd have Osteria Lucio's Aperol Spritz panna cotta, loaded with fresh blood orange. Click and collect and delivery available on this bad boy.

3) Rhubarb Pie from No Messin' Bakery

Buttery pastry, poached Ryan's rhubarb and poaching syrup all make for an epic pastry. No Messin' Bakery are no stranger to beautiful bakes and this one looks like it's earned its spot among the brown butter cookies and Cardi-B buns.

4) Blood Orange Cannoli from Woodruff

Woodruff is not putting a foot wrong lately. They've been taunting us with cannoli for the past few months, all with imaginative and delicious fillings, and they've just added a blood orange version that's available to grab and go from their restaurant in Stepaside.

5) Vanilla, Rhubarb, Orange and Cardamom Cake from Clare Anne Taylor

Creator of bespoke occasion cakes and confections, Clare Anne Taylor's gorgeous creations are available from her website, but Forest Avenue also stock some of her range. While this one is being made for Mother's Day, we think it's so stunning that it could turn any day into a special occasion. Bourbon vanilla sponge, rhubarb poached with orange and cardamom, all wrapped in an orange-kissed Italian meringue buttercream. It's available for pre-order only, and numbers are limited, so get in there fast. It's €65 and you can order here for collection on Saturday 13th.


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