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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

We never bought into hot girl summer, but we are 100% here for cool person autumn. If your aesthetic is more ankle boots and cosy scarves than kaftans and flip-flops, we know that you're already looking forward to a switch to golden leaves and heartier autumn menus. Here are five delightfully autumnal dishes that we want to eat this week.

1) Turmeric Spiced Porridge from Kerb

Hands up if you love porridge. Our hands are up but you just can't see it because we live inside your computer and our hands are probably holding food anyway, but they're definitely up. One of the best things about autumn is the appearance of porridge everywhere, and this one from Kerb is spiced with turmeric and autumn fruit compote.

2) Dulce de Leche Brownies from Bakeology

There are some people who will tell you that caramel is not an autumn food, but those people are mean fools who have never heard of caramel apples so we don't listen to them. These coconut and caramel mini-brownies from Argentinian bakery Bakeology are even better than caramel apples due to the absence of apples and addition of brownies.

3) Wild Irish Reuben from Tír Deli

Tír Deli on Baggot Street have added this decidedly Irish take on a classic reuben sandwich to their specials menu to see how customers feel about venison before it gets added to the autumn menu. House-cured venison pastrami with fermented veg, horseradish mayo, and Irish cheese on sourdough from The Old Bakery Store sounds pretty incredible to us. If it sounds good to you too, get in there so we can all have access to it all autumn long.

4) Irish Whiskey Cake from Loretta's

If you listen closely, you can hear our little minds explode as we think this one through - an Irish whiskey cake with fermented, pickled and fresh blackberries, served with a turf-smoked ice-cream. Looks amazing, sounds amazing and, as Loretta's themselves describe it "it's almost like being back in your grandmother's sitting room in that horrible couch". Perfection.

5) Guinea Fowl from The Pierhouse Restaurant

"ATF, are you really sending us to a seafood restaurant for guinea fowl?"

"Yes, loyal reader, we totally are. And you will thank us".

"Okay, we trust you. And we love you"

"Thanks, reader, we love you too"

Sea-facing The Pierhouse in Howth might not be where you would expect to find pan-seared guinea fowl with puy lentils (the King of Lentils), baby carrots, and salsa verde, but it's giving us all the autumn feels.


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