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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

Listen, we're still on the pumpkin buzz, it's absolutely everywhere, and honestly we're not even remotely sick of it. It's all going to change to turkey sandwiches and deep-fried brussels sprouts in a few weeks, so we're going to continue to gaze at gourds while we still can...

1) Squash, Goat's Cheese, Grapes & Sage At The Pig's Ear

Things were quiet at The Pig's Ear for a long time, but Stephen McAllister and team are back with a new menu, and we very much want to eat this plate of grilled squash, St Tola goat's cheese, muscat grapes, seeds and sage.

2) Pumpkin And Barley Risotto From Shouk

Shouk does no wrong - we've never had even a mildly disappointing dish there - and this pearl barley risotto with roast crown Prince pumpkin, toasted barley sage and harissa is the latest delicious sounding and looking addition to the canon.

3) Pumpkin Spice Cannoli From Toonsbridge

Just when we thought pumpkin spice was limited to pies, cookies and lattés, Toonsbridge bring out the big guns with these pumpkin spice cannoli. How could these not be on your pre-Halloween eating list?

4) Pumpkin Juk From Jaru

We love a cheeky little Jaru order. Now that all the restaurant meal kits have dried up, they're a great go-to when you want restaurant quality food that's ready to reheat or cook at home, and they deliver Dublin-wide Wednesday and Friday. This pumpkin juk with steamed Hokkaido pumpkin, butternut squash and glutinous brown rice, topped with potato gnocchi, kidney beans & pine-nuts is the latest addition to their online 'Mart', and it's natural, vegan and a steal at €5.20

5) Lamb Shank Braised In Barolo From Gigi's

Gigi's in Ranelagh are bringing an autumn/winter mash up to the table this week, with this braised lamb shank in a spiced barolo red wine sauce, served on butternut squash purée and brussel sprouts (offensively early but we'll allow it) with gremolata on top.


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