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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

While it didn’t feel like it, St. Patrick’s Day was last week. A day when we as a nation pay tribute to our most sacrosanct traditions - crisp sandwiches, day drinking, and flag-festooned Ford tractors driven through local villages. While this year felt more major-bummer than majorette, it has turned our minds back to the Ireland of our youth and the foods we’d never have dreamed of as we stuffed our little faces with bacon, cabbage, and Findus Crispy Pancakes. Here’s 5 things doing the rounds this week that our 80s and 90s inner-children would never imagine being readily-available in Dublin in 2021.

1) Tamales from Hen’s Teeth Store

You know that scene in Home Alone where we know Kevin isn’t in the van, but the rest of the family haven’t figured it out yet? That’s how we feel about tamales. We see all these people just wandering around, not realising that they’re missing the best Mexican food out there. If you want to know what you’re missing, Hen’s Teeth are slinging them with a side of salsa negra, and based on what we've tasted from them so far we're expecting big flavoursome things.

2) Brunch Bap from Love Supreme

Hey Gen-Zs, stop pretending like you invented brunch - that’s firmly the IP of millennials. Except, in our day, a brunch was served on a stick and covered in pink and white cookie crumbs but hey, we made it work. While there’s no shortage of great brunch spots in Dublin, we do love Love Supreme and this brunch bap packed with free range bacon, sausage and egg is one of the many reasons why. It's available to take away on Saturdays and Sundays and don't forget to add wine - it's not breakfast after all. The veggie version has halloumi, egg and coconut bacon and is also a very valid option.

3) Choux Bun from Bresson

Sure, we grew up in a world awash with chocolate eclairs: a strangely sweaty-looking rubbery thing filled with sweetened yellow cream that would send any self-respecting French person running for cover. We’ve come a long way since then though, and this light and crispy choux bun filled with raspberry and white chocolate mousse from Bresson is like a sweet joie de vivre injection. It’s new and available on their at home menu.

4) Venison Samosas from Street By Sunil

Are you still carrying the childhood trauma of watching Bambi? Us too, but his mama isn’t coming back so you may as well comfort yourself with Street By Sunil’s venison samosas, served with a punchy berry chutney. Side of tears optional.

5) Smoked Mackerel Pâté from Lilliput Stores

Remember fantastic sandwiches from the 90s? No, us neither. We figure it’s our brain’s way of filtering out the trauma of lousy plastic ham, watery tomatoes and gloopy coleslaw. Not to worry, Lilliput Stores are righting those wrongs with dreamy smoked mackerel pâté, preserved lemon, green chili, celery, dill, homemade pickles, and crunchy leaves in a pillowy Firehouse Bread roll.


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