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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

From upgraded chip butties to spice bag burgers, fried gnocci to French onion soup that's half cheesy toast, here are the 5 carb-laden things we want to eat in Dublin this week...

1) Cais Na Tire Tortellini In Onion Broth, Orwell Road

Orwell Road, the new restaurant from the owners of Charlotte Quay with ex-Mister S chef Daniel Hannigan in the kitchen, looks like it's gotten off to a flying start. We've already got our order picked, and these Cais na Tire tortellini in an onion broth are right at the top of our wish list.

2) The Spice Bag Burger From Cluck Chicken

We'll admit to not being spice bag aficionados, but when you involve free-range chicken and ex-Greenhouse chef Mark Moriarty, we're definitively more interested. The latest special from Cluck Chicken is covered In Mark’s spicy coating, with curry mayo, pickle chili & red onion, spring onion, and of course crispy chips, all in a steamed brioche bun. They're calling it a "beast of a burger", and we're up for the challenge.

3) Chip & Curried Crab Butty, The Woollen Mills

Speaking of chips, what's better than a chip butty? A chip butty with curried Irish crab. Add some beet & apple relish, and The Woollen Mills have taken a guilt-tinged carb fest and turned it into the food of the Gods.

4) Fried Gnocci With Arrabiatta, Pasta Pronto

If you've never made gnocchi at home, you're probably intimidated by it, even though it's way more idiot-proof than pasta. Whether or not you've given it a spin at home, this fried potato gnocchi with arrabiatta sauce from Pasta Pronto at Eatyard comes topped with pesto and mascarpone, and goes the extra mile we probably wouldn't bother with after all that kneading and rolling (there's really not much kneading or rolling).

5) French Onion Soup, East Village

Is there anything worse than a bowl of French onion soup with a scabby little circle of toast on top, barely covered with a sprinkle of cheap cheese? Think of this version from East Village Café in Clondalkin, which is half soup, half floating cheese on toast, as the right to all of those wrongs.


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