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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

It's the return of the ice-cream cookie sandwich and Irish lobster rolls, and the invention of baked tiramisu and Irish Zabaione that has us raring to get out this week, as well as one of Kildare's finest pizzas making a one time appearance in Dublin...

1) Zabaione, Pala Pizza & Trattoria

Pala Pizza & Trattoria in Foxrock just keep churning out the new creations that make us want to go back again and again, and the latest is this Zabaione. They say that the Italian boozy custard is having a resurgence of popularity in Rome right now, and they're serving theirs with stewed rhubarb and raspberry, rye and wholemeal crumble, and a malted whipped cream to finish.

2) Baked Tiramisu, Dolce Sicily

Baked Tiramisu you say? We're game. Layers of mascarpone cream, chocolate sponge and coffee are wrapped up in a shortcrust pastry shell and dusted with sugar and cocoa, for an original occasion cake from Dolce Sicily. It's €45 and you can order online or in store.

3) Lobster Rolls, King Sitric

Lobster rolls at back at King Sitric in Howth, which means: 1) summer is here, and 2) we're going back to King Sitric.

4) Ice-Cream Cookie Sandwich, Nobó

The Nobó cookie sandwich is back, with their vegan salted caramel ice-cream sandwiched between two chewy chocolate chip cookies. Find these little works of perfection in their Ranelagh freezer all summer.

5) Grá Pizza, Merrion Square

If you've been lusting after Grá pizza thinking, "I wish I lived in Kildare", wish no more as they're popping up in Merrion Square this weekend for the International Literature Festival, so now's your chance to try those specials like fennel salami with gochujang vodka sauce, mozarella and pickled fennel.


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