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5 things we want to eat in Dublin this week

Vietnam meets Trinidad, straight-up nostalgia in dessert form, and a cruffin from cupid are some of the things we most want to eat in Dublin this week...

1) Viennetta, Spitalfields

Spitalfields have been known to whip up boujie versions of throwback desserts, with their super split a mainstay on the menu. Their latest special is the revered nineties dessert that graced every celebration, from parties at Leisureplex to dinner at your Granny's house and beyond. Viennetta, but make it Michelin approved.

2) Caramelised banana French toast, Juniors

The brunch barons of Bath avenue have done it again. Junior's know how to party, so get down with their latest brunch special of French toast with caramelised banana, candied pecans, and salted caramel ice cream. Race ya.

3) Cured sea trout, Osteria Lucio

Having recently celebrated our very deserved new Bank Holiday, St. Brigid's Day means it's officially spring, and Osteria Lucio are making it all feel less wintery with their latest special. Their cured sea trout with winter citrus, avocado, mandarin and bergamot, is finished with a fèlsina first press 2022 extra virgin olive oil. Very fancy.

4) Trini pepper shrimp bánh mì, Happy's x AA Caribbean

Dublin's latest collab between Happy's Bar and Street Food and AA Caribbean has us mentally wandering over to Eden Quay. Eamon de Freita’s Trinidadian habanero marinated crispy prawns are paired with hot ginger maggi mayo, pickled carrot and daikon, and fresh cucumber, all on a crusty Vietnamese baguette.

5) Valentine's Cruffin, Arty Baker

St Valentin flavor alert🚨. Arty Baker's love-themed cruffin features a red glaze, candy floss and raspberry whipped ganache and chocolate shards, and the best news? It's available every weekend until the end of the month.


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