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Bahay Are Coming To Stoneybatter

We're got a serious case of the green-eyed monster for anyone living in Stoneybatter. Grano, Hakkahan, L Mulligan Grocer, The Belfry, Love Supreme - it hits well above the average suburb - and now it's getting another feather in its cap, as Bahay are moving in until March.

The Filipino food truck is taking over the back of The Glimmerman pub, while Vietnom (ironically the food truck that inspired them to do their own) take some extended holidays, and they're soft-launching this Friday 17th and Saturday 18th from 17:30. After that they'll be back from the start of January until mid-March, from Thursday - Saturday.

Their menu this time is focused on locally grown, seasonal Irish produce, with Filipino flavours and cooking styles. They'll have street food options, small plates and weekly specials, all depending on what comes in that week. They're promising everything from hearty Filipino stews to brussel sprout slaw with calamansi dressing, and occasional "filthy" items, like longanisa hot dogs and pork buns.

Bahay kick off in The Glimmerman at 17:30 this Friday, and the space at the back is fully outdoors, so wrap up well and go hungry.


The Glimmerman, 14 Stoneybatter, Dublin 7


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