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Bookings For Filipino Pop Up Bahay Go Live Tomorrow

When we told you in April that Filipino food was coming to Dublin in the form of Bahay, from former Clanbrassil House chef Richie Castillo, it was the most excited we've seen you lot in ages. Safe to say we all like something new and fresh that we can't find on every corner, and it seems that loads of Dubliners have either been to the Philippines or had the food and couldn't wait to get their hands on it again. So today we can exclusively give you all the details about their launch and how to be the first to try it.

Bahay will launch at Roe and Co's D-8TE event in their cocktail village in Dublin 8 on Thursday 8th of July, running until Sunday 11th, then again from Thursday 15th to Sunday 18th, and if the opening menu (below) isn't enough to get you interested then you need to get your eyes tested. The set menu will cost €40, and there's an option to do a cocktail pairing for €30 when you're there, which has been created with the chefs. They'll also have beer, Guinness, spirits and other mixed drinks for sale. Currently Spitalfields are in residency, with Pickle next, and later in the summer will see Nightmarket, Matsu Ramen and Lil' Portie take over the cocktail village kitchen.

This is what those of you who get a booking tomorrow have to look forward to.

Bahay Opening Menu


Lumpia - Spring roll filled with ground pork, carrot, cabbage, and onion

Inihaw na Manok - Grilled chicken thighs marinated in banana ketchup, vinegar, garlic

Pandesal - yeasty bread roll served with whipped chicken fat annatto butter

Small plate

Sisig - Diced grilled pork belly, pigs ear, soy, vinegar, calamansi, onion


Beef short rib Kare Kare - Braised short rib in a peanut sauce, green beans, bok choy, shrimp paste

Sinangag - Garlic rice

Atchara - pickled veg-carrot, daikon, peppers, green papaya


Tibok-Tibox with Latik - Calamansi coconut custard with caramelised coconut milk curds

Bookings for Bahay's first pop up go live on Roe & Co's website at 09:00 tomorrow for tables of two, four or six, so pick a date and time now and have your fingers flexed at 08:59 in the morning, because this one is going to book out. For more previews of what's coming follow them on Instagram here.


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