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Dublin's D'Olier Street is one of five new Michelin stars for Ireland

Dublin has a new Michelin-starred restaurant, as D'Olier Street joins Variety Jones, Bastible and Glover's Alley in the acclaimed club after this evening's 2024 Michelin awards ceremony.

Owner and head chef James Moore had previously been head chef at two-Michelin-starred Atera in New York, so expectations were very high since he opened the restaurant with wife Jane Frye (who diners will know from front of house) and business partner Anthony Smith (who also owns Mr Fox) just over a year ago in December 2022. The guide said the restaurant "boosts Dublin’s dining scene with visually striking and technically accomplished dishes."

A second new one star went to The Bishop's Buttery in the five-star Cashel Palace Hotel, lead by head chef Stefan McEnteer. The guide said the restaurant "offers top-quality produce and great natural flavours to Cashel Palace Hotel."

A third new one star for Ireland was awarded to Homestead Cottage in Doolin, which only opened last summer. Owned and run by Robbie McCauley, formerly head chef at Gregan's Castle, inspectors praised his "delicious cooking (which) makes a visit to the rural west coast all the more appealing."

The country also has a new two-star, as Terre in Castlemartyr Hotel in Cork was upgraded from last year's one, which it was awarded within months of opening. The guide said, "Vincent Crepel and his kitchen team have made impressively quick work of crafting a bold, assuredly two Stars experience."

Despite predictions from many sides, Library Street, Allta, Uno Mas, One Pico, Mae, Lignum and more continue to be passed over for a star, and the inspectors have yet to decide Chapter One by Mickael Viljanen will be Ireland's first three-star restaurant - something critics have been shouting for since it opened.

No restaurants in Ireland have lost stars this year, but Aimsir in Kildare has been removed from the guide as it's not currently open. The Wild Honey Inn in Clare is still listed as having one star in the guide, despite the fact that the website says they will not be serving dinner this season. Someone must have forgotten to tell the inspectors.

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